lilydawn3 (lilydawn3) wrote in avengers_search,

Clint ageplay with couple!Phil-and-Nick

Okay, I'm driving myself nuts. I thought I had this bookmarked. I thought I had it *saved* for pity's sake. Definitely on Ao3. Phil is still recovering from being stabbed thru the chest. Phil and Nick are an established couple of many years. They have a house together somewhere in driving distance of SHIELD. Clint has been in a non-romantic, non-sexual relationship with them for some time less than how long they've been a couple. Basically he's their kid. He acts younger when he's with them. No specific age, just a kid. He has a blanket. He gets read a bedtime story. He's wets the bed (not on purpose) and tries to change the sheets himself but they wake up. He's not in trouble for it but Nick puts him a diaper for the rest of the night and Phil tucks him back into bed. He gets scolded by Nick for eating in the living room and I think directly out of the cereal box.

I can remember most everything except the author and title. This is one of my favorites and I'm driving myself nuts trying to find it. Please help.

Tags: character: clint barton, character: fury, character: phil coulson, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers, pairing: coulson/fury, theme: kid!fic, theme: parenthood

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