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FOUND Tony focused, team kidnapping and non-con

Hi all,

This story has been bothering me for DAYS, I cannot find it!

Basically, the team (minus Thor I believe) get kidnapped and held in the same room. They are tortured and Bruce is drugged up to keep the Hulk at bay. The main kidnapper takes a liking to Tony and kisses/caresses and adventually rapes him along with tons of mind-rape. I also remember he makes him crawl to the other Avengers and shave/clean them.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I def. remember the kidnapper making Tony shoot Bruce who is begging Tony to do it



EDIT: FOUND!!! http://avengerkink.livejournal.com/6021.html?thread=9608325#t9608325
Tags: character: tony stark, theme: kidnapping, theme: noncon/rape, theme: tony (hurt)

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