llewellynprince (llewellynprince) wrote in avengers_search,


Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I just got back into the fandom and I'm looking for a couple of things if anyone has any help or suggestions!

1. I read a fic where Steve gave up his ability to feel love to save the city because he thought Tony didn't love him? I haven't been able to find it.

2. Any fics where Steve takes a while to integrate with the other Avengers, or they come together but he still feels like an outsider.

3. Any fics where Steve turns out to be smarter or different from what the others were expecting. Maybe something where he surprises them or pulls pranks. I think I read some 5 plus 1 fics like this but I can't find any of them any more. Any fics where he can lift Thor's hammer would be awesome!

4. Any fics where Steve's fitghing ability is just awesome! He protects the whole team or they don't realize how well he can fight until it actually happens.

Thank you!

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