always with the Dick jokes (irrelevant) wrote in avengers_search,
always with the Dick jokes

looking for a couple of Steve and Bucky related fics

I'm not sure if these are pairing specific (Steve/Bucky) or gen; they could be either.

Fic the first: Steve doesn't get the serum, Hodge becomes Cap, dies in the field (supposedly), Hydra attacks the U.S. Steve ends up leading the resistance and Bucky is, I think, sent home after Azzano and becomes his second in command.

Fic the second: Steve is defrosted during the Cold War and he and the Winter Soldier are thrown together in a joint USSR/US operation. I can't remember if it's classified or a public relations stunt. (Not the 'Amnesiac Groom' fic, this is actually set during the Cold War, not present day, and I think it's gen.)

I found both of these on the Ao3. If any of you lovely people recognize either of them I will be most grateful.
Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, genre: canon!au, pairing: steve/bucky, search: fic (specific)

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