Em (bluflamingo) wrote in avengers_search,

3 Clint/Coulson fics

I think all three of these are long shots for anyone to recognise, but I figured if anyone would, it's you all, and I've googled every combination and got nowhere.

I think all three of these are Clint/Coulson, since that's what I generally read, but other than random lines, I can't remember anything about any one of them:

1. The first one is Coulson's pov, remembering a story Clint told him about the circus, along the lines of "the time that all the lights had gone out, trapping Clint and the other aerialists at the top of the tent until it could be fixed."

2. The second fic is Clint pov, while he's taking part in a drill on the Helicarrier, that he's sliding down a set of steps and has a sudden flash of doing the same under Loki's control and stumbles.

3. The last one is Clint again, about Captain America playing video games, that he tries to play through the talky bits, and him shoving the controller at Clint and saying, "this is a shooting bit, you do this bit."

Like I said, I think all three are Clint/Coulson, but I don't remember anything else about them, so if you do happen to know any of the three, I will love you (in an appropriate way!) forever!
Tags: character: clint barton, movie: avengers, pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (specific)

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