Vini Bhatt (vinib) wrote in avengers_search,
Vini Bhatt

Bucky/Rumlow Fic Recs

I'm wondering if there are any good Bucky/Rumlow Fluff Recs... where Bucky/Rumlow are madly in love and don't care a fuck about the world.

I'm looking something along the lines of 'Missing what you never had' and 'We spent the night howling...'

Or maybe Hydra Trash Party recs, where instead of Bucky being the party flavour, they pick an agent to service Bucky... while everyone cheers on. And Rumlow is Bucky's favourite.

I'm not picky about 'verses, but Alpha!Bucky or Dom!Bucky is preferred... I really don't care as long as Bucky is on top.
Tags: character: bucky, kink: alpha/beta/omega

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