Margaret Anne (happi_feet) wrote in avengers_search,
Margaret Anne

Tiny Robots

I read this fic sometime since June, but I don't know when it was written.

Steve is not living at the mansion (or possibly the tower) for whatever reason, and someone comes to him where he is staying and tells him he has to come back, because there are tiny robots all over the tower (or maybe the mansion).

Tony misses Steve and is compensating by tinkering and has randomly created a teeny tiny robot that he designates as female and which then becomes Steve's friend and hangs out in his room while he is Making Art.

I tried googling various strings of key words, and although I did come up with a couple of new gems that I hadn't read yet, I did not find this one. Also, I need an Avengers icon, apparently.
Tags: pairing: tony/steve, search: fic (specific), theme: tony's robots, verse: movies

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