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Dead and Hurt Loki Fanfiction

Hi all,

I am looking for a fanfiction where :
- Loki is killed and when he is dead, his magic gone and his ward on his bedroom gone with him.
- Frigga then finds his journal where he kept his most hurtful memories in images (more like video), such as when his lips were sewn shut and the Svadi-something (oh, I think I'll butcher his name, but you know, the horse) raped Loki as he was drugged with Aphrodisiac by someone (I think it's the giant, if my memory does not fail me) and could not change back to his true form.
- Then she shows it to Odin, and I remember Odin feels shocked but Frigga tells him that it gets worse.
- If I'm not mistaken, Loki is resurrected.
- There might be something like Sif is actually lying about her hair being shaved by Loki, and Loki points it out on Sif.

It's not With Friends Like These, because the journal is not the same.
I found it on FF.net, but somehow I cannot find it anymore.

I'll thank whoever can find this fic!
Tags: character: loki, search: fic (specific)

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