taya2100 (taya2100) wrote in avengers_search,

Darcy left out

Im looking for any fics
1)where darcy was dating jane and then jane ditched her for thor. It can end with them all together as a threesome or as a sad darcy fic.

2) Where darcy is in a threesome (With at least one Avenger or Phil Coulson but no Loki)and feels left out or left behind, abused, insecure, not as important as the others, third wheel, a toy instead of a partner ect... Can end happy or sad

I am fine with all au's, including soulmate, modern, beta/alpha/omega

looking for fics on fanfiction.net or sites other than archive of our own if possible
(I think I have found most of the stories that are on archive of our own but will still except them if there are no others)
Tags: character: darcy lewis, character: jane foster, character: thor, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, kink: alpha/beta/omega, movie: avengers, movie: thor, pairing: thor/darcy, pairing: thor/jane, theme: abuse, theme: relationship

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