never moon a werewolf (valmora) wrote in avengers_search,
never moon a werewolf

steve/bucky fic rec search: consenting identity play

I've been looking around in the relevant tag combinations on AO3 and haven't had any luck finding something like this, so I figured I'd check here.

Does anyone know of a Steve/Bucky fic in which they have sex while Bucky is pretending to be in Winter Soldier headspace? That is, Bucky's aware of himself/in control throughout, and the situation is completely sober and consenting the whole time on all sides (and preferably negotiated in advance), but he's pretending to still/again be the Winter Soldier.

ETA: This fic doesn't seem to exist, so I wrote it.
Tags: pairing: steve/bucky, search: fic (recs)

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