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All I wanted was a pony....

Stark/Stark, or Stark & Stark, or even Stark vs. Stark?

(ETA:  The radiant & splendiferous karambura found fics on LiveJournal, AO3 &, and provided the link to a Stark/Stark search on AO3!  *\o/*  See comment.  :-)

Hi!  I didn't see any tags that seemed to apply to this pair so I don't think it's been requested before; apologies if I'm wrong.  /o\

I'm looking for any fic that features Tony Stark & Nathan Stark (from EUReKA, a Sci-Fi1 cable TV show).   One of EUReKA's creators is a comic book aficionado &, according to the actor who played Nathan Stark, his character was modeled on Tony Stark in the Iron Man comic books.

Crossover, fusion, cameo appearance, slash, gen--I'm only familiar with the Marvel movie!verse but I'll take whatever you may find & be dam' grateful for it!   :-D   Thanks for your time!

1 It was the Sci-Fi Channel when EUReKA started & I refuse to dumb down the name.   >¦^Þ~

Mods, if it's appropriate could there be a search: fic (crossover) tag [or would it be search: fic (genre)]?  And if there are fics that match my request you might want to add crossover: eureka, &/or a theme: family/relatives tag [as distinct from theme: kid!fic; theme: incest; or theme: stepbrothers tags].  Ugh, I don't know--better you than me....
Tags: !tag requests, character: tony stark, genre: crossover/fusion, pairing: any, search: other

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