ananova55 (ananova55) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for a few types of fics

Hi, I was hoping to get recommendations for three different types of fics.

1. I recently reread Kerravon's Burning Candles . Are there any other fics where Steve or the other Avengers discover just how overworked Tony is and take steps to fix the situation?

2. Any fics like Does Joss Whedon Write Your Dialogue? where everyone gives Tony the shovel talk and he freaks out thinking that if everyone is so sure he'll end up ruining the relationship then they must be right and he decides to end it? And then his lover rips everyone a new one when he finds out? Basically insecure Tony letting everyone's doubts get to him. I'd prefer Tony/Steve or Tony/Bucky but will read most other pairings except for Tony/Loki.

3. And finally, any fics where Thor didn't realize how short humans lifespans are? I've seen this touched on briefly in a few fics, such as we are not history yet; we are happening now and I was wondering if there are any others out there, especially ones that go into more detail on Thor's reaction.

Thanks for any help and recs you can make.
Tags: character: thor, character: tony stark, search: fic (recs), theme: tony (insecure), theme: tony (overworked)

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