marlowe78 (marlowe78) wrote in avengers_search,

General search for gen (or canon-pairing) stories, focusing on Tony Stark

Hello there.
I'm new to this fandom and I crave good stories. Like a drowning man craves water, it's that serious.

So I hope I've come to the right place?
I'm looking for stories that are focused on Tony Stark, though he doesn't have to be the alone focus.
Biggest "problem" is probably that I want gen stories (and by gen I include stories with the canon pairings). I wouldn't mind if the Avengers aren't all straight, that'd be fine by me, but I'd rather not have them slashed with each other.

Other than that, I've not yet found a real preference regarding plot-direktion, but I like some action and some intrigue and not too much emotional vulnerability (a bit is great, though! They all are rather damaged, so that's fine).
BAMF-Avengers is always appreciated (and BAMF Tony most of all)

AUs are fine if they aren't too different - I've just read the Space Electric verse and that one is awesome, so something that keeps them THEM but has them in a different setting would be cool as well.

I've been strolling through AO3 already but I'm sure there will be other places where good stories are posted, so I need a bit help :-)

Thank you all in advance, people.
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: au, genre: gen, search: fic (recs)

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