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Do you guys have any Tony/Bucky (post Winter Soldier) fics that you could rec?  I'm in the middle of one where Bucky takes care of Tony as way to repay killing Howard, but I would like more!

Um, specifically, and maybe a bit off topic, I'm looking for a type of fic where non-person Asset!Winter Soldier has decided that Tony Stark is the best person to give him maintenance and he treats Tony as a handler or superior or something.  I'd like to post this somewhere like avengerskink or something, but it looks like no one has updated that site since January.  (I'm sure there are people who still post and read but it seems to have slowed down considerably)  So if anyone knows any other memes out there that this would go on, that would be great.  (probably not Hydra trash party?)

Alternately any of your favorite non-person Winter Soldier fics.  I got hooked on "This You Protect" and now I want ALL the Asset!Bucky fic.
Tags: character: bucky, character: tony stark, search: fic (recs), theme: tony's robots

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