The Common Sense-ist (kitsuneyujji) wrote in avengers_search,
The Common Sense-ist

LF Recs - Steve-centric, MCU preferred

I'm in a weird mood right now and having focus issues. Trawling through Ao3 like this is basically resulting in me just scrolling through the pages without actually seeing them. So if anyone could help me out, that would be awesome!

Things I want to see -
Pairings - Romance not necessary, but if it's there, I prefer Tony/Steve, Clint/Steve, Sam/Steve, Tony/Pepper/Steve, Clint/Natasha/Steve. (I wouldn't say no to Steve/Pietro, Steve/Bruce or Steve/Coulson if someone knows any that are awesome, but I'm not actively looking for those)

Steve struggling with PTSD/depression/suicidal thoughts
Steve hurt and trying to hide it. hurt can either be physical or emotional (like one of Tony's jokes or jabs hits him right in the solar plexus and he can't really shake it)
Steve dealing (or not dealing) with being lonely
Asexual or demi-sexual Steve
Steve being afraid of losing these new people that he's let close
Steve being too afraid of losing anyone else to let anyone close

Someone (or everyone) noticing and helping him with/talking to him about any of the above.

AU or canon is fine, but I would prefer movie!Steve to comic!Steve

Things I don't want to see -
Pairings - Bucky/Steve or Natasha/Steve(without Clint) romantically together. Any Clint/Coulson should be as far to the background as possible and absent entirely preferred. Rather not with any Bruce/Natasha right now, either.

Actual suicide.
an overabundance of porn. (I skim porn, rather than actually read it so a story that is mostly porn would be pointless for me)
Steve being a bully

Thanks again! And really, if someone has an absolute favorite Steve-centric fic that doesn't fall under the nope-list, I would be happy to see that too. <3
Tags: character: steve rogers, genre: hurt/comfort, theme: steve (hurt), theme: steve (insecure), theme: steve (lonely), theme: steve (protective), theme: team!fic, verse: movies

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