Amy (evila_elf) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for some Angsty Clint fics (or anything Epic)

Hello! I am just getting my toes wet in the Avengers fandom, and I am really craving some Clint fics. It is so hard to search for fics since he is a part of such a large cast, so I hope you all have some recs!

I like Gen or Slash. Long or Short.

Please no Alpha/Omega or slave fics. The ones I have seen are too PWP, and I am looking for something plotty and in character.

I am mainly looking for angsty fics here, but if you have anything that a Hawkeye fan NEEDS to read, please toss it my way. I have no squicks.

I haven't felt this attached to a character that actually has a fanbase in a long time, and I really miss it.

Tags: character: clint barton, genre: angst

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