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D/s AU with dark-ish Steve/Clint

Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific Steve/Clint, possibly also Clint/Other story. It's set in a D/s society with Clint as the team's only unattached submissive. What I remember of the fic was written through Steve's perspective and focused on him being a more "traditional" Dom and being appalled at Clint's abrasiveness and insistence on staying independent. Somehow the two become a couple (I don't THINK it was non-con, but I can't be sure) and Steve spends a lot of time trying to keep Clint in line. There was one specific thing that I remember where Clint was being rowdy in the field after a mission and Steve reached out and grabbed him by the collar and the press grabbed a photo of the moment had a field day with it. It was on the cover of some tabloid/magazine. After some time, Clint becomes way more reserved and people on the team begin to pick up on it and make Steve address the heavy-handed, controlling way he treats his sub. Don't remember the endgame of the story, which is driving me nuts.

I have been scouring AAO3 for this, so I suspect it must be on someone's LJ/DW.


ps, if anyone's interested in this story as well, denna5 on AAO3 has a similar story that's great, Something That is His.
Tags: character: clint barton, character: steve rogers, genre: au, kink: bdsm, pairing: clint/steve

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