spn_lov3r (spn_lov3r) wrote in avengers_search,

Dark fics and Mafia au's

Hey guys :)

1. I'm looking for dark fics, because I can't seem to find much on Ao3. Any and all pairings, so long as there's no non-con (dub-con is fine). I'm particularly looking for fics where one character is being forced or manipulated into a relationship (or sex) by the other, or abusive relationship, but really, anything is fine. I just really love dark fics, and there is a surprisingly little amount in the Marvel fandom.

2. I'd also really like to read any mafia au's if there are any. Again, any and all pairings welcome.

Thank you! :)
Tags: pairing: any, search: fic (recs)

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