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Looking for Marvel games where Loki isn't just a bad guy

That's a weirdly specific request, I realize, but I'm an MCU Loki fan of the "all sympathetic interpretations and/or redemption arcs all the time" variety, so while I'd really like to play a video game with Loki in it (even better if he's a playable character), I'm not overly interested in one where he's just a one-dimensional villain...and I don't exactly have the time or money to try everything myself. So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions--maybe experience with the games I've listed under the cut, or something totally different.

  • The apparently god-awful Thor movie tie-in game for consoles--I'm sort of interested because Tom and Chris actually voice the characters, but as I understand it, Loki's the villain in a way that doesn't really even make sense with movie canon.

  • Disney Infinity--I think he's the bad guy in at least one Thor-focused storyline but also a playable character? So...does that mean you can also play him as not a villain in sandbox mode or something (and potentially in other storylines)? I don't entirely understand how this works.

  • LEGO Super Heroes--I keep wanting to buy this and then not getting it for this exact reason. Is Loki just a nuance-free villain in this (despite maybe being based on MCU canon)?

  • Marvel Heroes 2015--it looks like Loki's a playable character both in a comics costume (which I really don't care about tbh) and an MCU costume but...also a storyline villain? Again: I don't get how this works.

  • Marvel Avengers Alliance--see above. On the wiki it looks like Comics Loki is an enemy and MCU Loki (or at least Loki in his MCU costume) is an unlockable hero, which is slightly hilarious to me and also pretty much what I'm looking for, but I'd still like to hear from someone who's played it.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions--from the Wikipedia article, it looks like Loki isn't a playable character. Is that true?

  • Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Pinball--are these anything but Bejeweled and pinball with Marvel decorations? Not hugely interested, if so.

So--has anyone played any of these games or others you'd recommend?
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