penuttercup (penuttercup) wrote in avengers_search,

Bruce can't control the Hulk

I'm looking for a specific fic but also recs of similarly themed fics.

The specific fic was a Bruce/Tony fic, they were dating and at one point Bruce loses control and one time he ends up raping Tony, after which Tony forgives him but won't bottom anymore, and then later he throws Tony through a wall and it ends with Bruce packing his bags and leaving, and Tony watching him do this but not stopping him. Sorry if this is super vague.

Also if anyone has any recs with Bruce struggling to control the hulk, preferably Bruce/Tony but also Bruce/Nat or Bruce/Clint. Happy endings preferred

Hope someone can help
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: hulk, pairing: bruce/tony, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: noncon/rape

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