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Loki's family used to torture him.

I am looking for yet another fic. I only remember one scene and the scene is question was a flashback in the fic.

Details: The torture that Loki goes through in mythology are true. Loki was bound along with his wife Sigyn. The chains that held them were very resistant to magic. The snake that dripped venom into Loki's eyes was his son Jormangundr. Fenrir was also with them and bound but I can't recall how his entrapment was linked with Loki's torture. Sigyn was possibly getting close to break out the entire family when someone (Odin?) brings in another 2 of Loki's children. These are Vali and Nari (Narfi?). One of them is turned into a wolf against their will. The other is then fed to the wolf-changed child. Then the blood of the dead child is used to strengthen the chains that hold the family captive. Eventually Sigyn finds a way to break the chains that hold them in place. However, she dies as a result. Once freed, the family tries to piece back together the deceased child, but it was impossible since parts of his body was digested by his brother.
Tags: character: loki, search: fic (specific), theme: loki (hurt), theme: torture, theme: transformation

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