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Looking For Sherlock Holmes/Avengers Crossovers . . .

Hullo All! I realize the title of this post is a bit all-encompassing, but while I'd definitely be interested in reading any and all Recs along this order, I am looking for two specific stories.

They are part of a two-story series, and the first story has Tony going back in time to the time of Sherlock, and if I'm not mixing two completely different stories, gets Mycroft to establish him in the 1800's. He changes his name to Sherlock and uses his modern day knowledge to become 'Sherlock Holmes'.

The second part of the story has John Watson touching some button on a device Tony/Sherlock left behind and is brought into the modern world.

Come to think about it, there was a story (not connected to the other two) where Sherlock and John are brought foward in time, but due to certain prejudices of the time, were not allowed to be together. Before they go back, they are married.

Anyone know any o' these tales? If so, I'd love the help finding them again!

Thanx in advance!!

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