ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

new SI employee falls for Jarvis

I'm looking for a story where the central character is a young woman who is just starting a job at Stark Industries.  The story is tole in either first person or third person singular.  I think she a delivery person, with a bike or moped right outside here garage office.  Jarvis is her main contact and they become good friends.  She thinks he's a young guy with agoraphobia holed up in an office somewhere, not realizing until the very end of the story that Jarvis is an AI computer.  She meets, I think, Pepper first, during her job interview, then Steve on the street when she gets sideswiped and crashes her bike.  She meets and becomes friends with Clint, Tony, and the rest of the team.
Tags: character: clint barton, character: jarvis, character: tony stark, theme: ust

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