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Steve has the serum taken from his blood, loses the body that goes with it.

Trying to track down a story where Steve Rogers gets the opportunity to have all trace of the serum taken from his bloodstream.  I don't remember the circumstances, but I think Steve was hurt or dying and an AU Steve sends an AU Steven Strange (I think that's who it was.  Never read the comic so I'm unfamilier with the character.  He does magic, right?)  to take the serum from him and give Steve a chance a another life.  Bruce and Tony are there with Steve.  Strange calls up a demon of some sort to who takes in the serum.  Steve is left with his original body.  Time passes and Steve is working for or with the Stark Industries helping coordinate...maybe a symposium of some sort, something with speakers and scientists from all over.  Widow had dumped Cline and is with Winter Solder and they're working for the other side.  There mission is to kidnap Steve so he can be studied on how he lost the 'Captain' but Clint and the team are ready for them.  Steve, Tony Bruce, and Clint really don't want to hurt their fomer teammates so they allow Widow to take a drugged Bucky back to their masters but warn them they won't be allowed to walk away again.  There's a scene with Steve Strange and the other verse's Steve Rogers after the serum was taken out Steve.  Apparently they know of Steves from several universes and things didn't always go well for him; they felt he had a better chance without the supersoldier.
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: bucky, character: clint barton, character: natasha romanov, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark

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