Ereshkigal Girl (ereshkigal_girl) wrote in avengers_search,
Ereshkigal Girl

James and Bucky

Hi all,

I throw myself in your mercy again as I can't find a link.

It's a fic where the Winter Soldier gets in the way of magic aimed at Steve and ends up splitting into Winter Soldier and pre-Azzano Bucky. Bucky ends up helping WS get sorted and they turn themselves in to get back to Steve, who helps them escape from SHIELD. I can't remember the title and it's driving me nuts!

(I originally came across it via a shorter pornier fic that used the idea of James/Steve/Bucky from the original one. I think it was part of a series of prompt fills, maybe? I can't remember the title of this one, either.)

Thanks, all!

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