Ereshkigal Girl (ereshkigal_girl) wrote in avengers_search,
Ereshkigal Girl

Two Stucky Fics

Hey again all,

I'm looking for two fics:

- Multi-chapter Stucky in which Bucky is being kept in a Hulk-proof room after being recovered and Fury et al decide that Steve is going to stay with him (as Steve kind of needs to get himself sorted out too). During the recovery process Natasha starts helping them spar and for a while, they can't actually fight together like they used to - like, they both melt down when they try to spar. By the end of the fic, though, they have a breakthrough (which I'm pretty sure involved sex) and they can spar again.

- Either multi-chapter or series Stucky (if so, it takes place at the end of the series) in which, after recovery, Bucky ends up surprising Steve for Halloween by dressing up in a replica of his old HowlingCommandos!Bucky outfit.

Thanks, all!

(I read suuuuuper fast and I read a ton of fanfic, and I'm usually pretty good about bookmarking, but sometimes some slip through. So I appreciate the help in finding these bad boys!)

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