jackietoc (jackietoc) wrote in avengers_search,

Tony centric fics

So I'm looking for a couple different kinds of fics. Any help would be super super appreciated!

1. Any fics that discuss Tony being bi. Would love a fic of the team or the world finding out and their reactions

2. Fics with Tony and consensual drug use. I feel like with all the partying he did/does its not unreasonable to suggest he's taken drugs. I read a fic ages ago where Tony comes back to the tower one night high and the avengers are shocked but he's like what? I'm tony stark. Would love if anyone knew what fic this was or knows anything similar

3. Fics where the hulk is protective of Tony

4. And a weird one- either fury or Coulson feeling paternal towards Tony (bonus points if he's hurt and double bonus points for cuddling)

I prefer gen but I can deal with pretty much any ship as long as the focus is on what I've talked about. But if anyone knows a good fic that's über shippy just chuck it in anyway I'll deal.

Thanks in advance xx
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort

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