OhMyThatsHot (2012ohmy) wrote in avengers_search,

FOUND: Specific fic: Steve has been shot in the head

Hi - this is my first request here - I hope I'm doing this right. About 6-8 months ago, I read a long fic (multi chapter or maybe part of a series?) where the main plot was that Steve was the victim of an assassination attempt - shot in the head, traumatic brain injury. The Avengers move him to a remote farm to recuperate - Peggy Carter goes to stay there, eventually Bucky comes too. Avengers come to visit in secret, but for Steve's safety, the world is let to believe he is dead. Hydra (I think?) features in a battle scene later on in the fic/series, and Natasha & Bucky face down a new Black Widow (who may have been the original sniper but I'm hazy on that point). Pretty sure the story was on AO3, but having no luck finding it myself. Would appreciate any help locating it - thanks so much.

EDIT: See comments for link to Domenika Marzione's 'Freezer Burn' series.
Tags: character: steve rogers, search: fic (specific), theme: steve (hurt)

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