marsmaywander (marsmaywander) wrote in avengers_search,

steve with a mind-control trigger phrase?

kind of an unusual request. i was re-reading like coming home by missbecky on ao3, and there's a mention of steve having a mind-control trigger phrase that erskin was forced to include during implementation of project rebirth (they talk about it in the part that starts: But he was here. He was alive. And he was Tony Stark.).

what i'm looking for is what the trigger phrase is. i distinctly remember steve telling it to tony later on in the fic, either as a precaution so tony knows what it is, or as a show of trust. it's driving me crazy. i've tried reading through but it's a long fic and i know i'm accidentally skimming bits in my hurry to find that scene. i'm almost convinced i'm getting this fic mixed up with another similar one.

please help?

edit: missbecky has replied and let me know that the scene i'm thinking of (in the second paragraph up there) is not in her fic, so now i'm looking for which fic has this steve-reveals-his-trigger-phrase storyline.
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, search: fic (specific), theme: civil war

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