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Tony doesn't really drink

We all know that Tony Stark almost always has a glass of somehting in his hand or a bottle of alcohol within reach, and is often drunk.  Yeah, right.  My attention wanders and I'm in the midst of reading about 6 or 7 stories right now so I can't seem to find which one had the scene where first Hawkeye, then Bruce (by the Other Guy's stronger sense of smell) figures out that the amber liqued that Tony just poured from a crystal decanter is a rooibos tea, not scotch or whatever everyone else assumes it to be, and that Tony's tipsy-to-drunk act is just that, an act.  I'd like to find any-other stories like that, where Tony Stark is just putting up the drunken playboy front and hasn't really had a drink in years.  (I'll post the title ot the story I read here when I figure out which one it is.)
Tags: character: tony stark, pairing: any, theme: acting

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