ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

team member kidnapped in robbery or carjacking

This idea comes from a few stories from other fandoms that I've liked enough to read over and over, and it was also used in the Marvel One-Shot "A Funny Thing Happened..." with Agent Coulson  A team member get kidnapped or carjacked by someone who doesn't recognize him (Tony or Steve) or thinks he or she couldn't be a threat.  (After all, Natasha is just a little redheaded girl, right?  And Bruce doesn't look too threatening, and he's driving a nice looking car, right?)  Or he or she stumbles into a robbery at a liquor store or gas station.  Where the robbers are armed and don't know who they're messing with (to steal someone else's line) or is a total idiot.  This trope has been done for Supernatural, Magnificent Seven, and Buffy.  Has anyone done this for any of the Avengers?  I can see Steve walking into a corner store robbery gone bad and trying to talk the robber down while his friends wait behine the police line fretting for his safety.
Tags: theme: kidnapping

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