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Paladin Stories

OK, so I just read the totally awesome story called Paladin by jaune_chat where Steve's Patron Goddess is Columbia.
This was written for a prompt at avengerkink: "Steve still firmly believes in one God. But it's not the god everyone thinks. When Steve had the super-soldier serum pumped into him, he had a vision of the goddess Columbia, who told him to be her paladin and protect America in her name."

Does anyone know of any other good stories that are like this?

That deal with the Personification of Pagan Gods like in Neil Gaimans' American Gods or even Marvel's Lady Death. I have checked the tags on ao3 but nothing really caught my my eye. I know that Thor fics sometimes deal with him and his family being more than just super powered aliens that we usually see but I just have not really seen that as much as I would expect.

I just love the idea and I would be grateful for any quality recs. Thank you!
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: thor, search: fic (recs), theme: personification of gods, theme: religion

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