penuttercup (penuttercup) wrote in avengers_search,

Tony/Steve, Omegaverse, Tony has illegal abortion


I've been looking for a this fic for ages, so I hope someone can help! I think might have been on Ao3. It's Steve/Tony pairing, set in either Omegaverse or BDSM au, I can't remember all of the details but at one point Tony has takes an illegal abortion pill to get rid of a baby fathered through non-con. When Tony loses the baby, a film of him panicking and saying "is this normal" ends up on the news the next day. Steve is there when he wakes up in hospital and is angry, so immediately tells him that he can no longer have babies, which sends him into a panic attack. They're not together at the time but they pretend it's Steve's baby for the press. Eventually they get together/were going to get together it might have been a work in progress but I feel like they were gonna be endgame.

Thanks guys :)
Tags: pairing: tony/steve, theme: noncon/rape

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