kathrynparis (kathrynparis) wrote in avengers_search,

HulkShield fic anyone?

Hey all! Newbie here, but not to this fandom. I was just wondering if anyone could rec me some long or longish Bruce/Steve fics? It's very hard to find sadly, though I did find a few really amazing ones. I'd really appreciate it!♡

I prefer bottom/submissive Steve, but I'll even take switching at this point
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: hulk, character: steve rogers, pairing: bruce/other, pairing: steve/other

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I have special love for this pairing since it's not quite as common as some of the others. So here are a few of my favourites:

Of Rocky Beaches and Painted Dreams

displacement is mostly pre-relationship.

Worth It in which Steve and Bruce date without realizing it.

Every Road has Two Directions is a work-in-progress series. Really well-written although the relationship is very slow-build (I love how it's done and I think it'll be well worth the wait, but there's no actual relationship at this junction in the story just the hope and potential for one).

Hope you enjoy those!