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Cultural Misunderstanding between Tony and Steve

It could be set in alpha/omega verse, but I'm not certain. Steve is unsettled by Tony's behavior around the team *as an omega?* due to the way he was brought up during the war. Omegas didn't have as many rights then and Steve is worried about the dynamic between his team mates and what it could mean for Tony in the long run. Naturally, being the martyr he is, Steve takes Tony out back and proceeds to 'dominate him' by whipping it out and yeah, he makes it clear he's not happy about it, but tries to convince Tony that it's for his own good.
When the team finds out, they're livid, but Steve can't understand why. He's horrified to learn that what he's done was cruel and unnecessary. Surprisingly, or rather un-surprisingly knowing Tony's tendency to forgive people *ahem! Cap* on a whim, he comes to Steve's defense.
I've been looking for this for ages!! Please help me! D:

UPDATE!: So yeah, I literally just spent like, my whole day looking for this and ta-da!! If anyone's interested in reading this fic, here's the link! (:

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