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The Avengers jailbreak a Shield-tortured Loki, who then helps avert treason plot - AO3?

I hope this is the right way to do this; I literally signed up to LJ just to hope that this pans out, haha.

I read a fic a while back where the avengers get a hold of sensitive Shield data and realize that there's a prisoner being held captive and tortured by Shield. They realize it's Loki, jailbreak him out, hide him in the Tower. Meanwhile, it turns out to be part of a plot by some original character (I wish I could remember this name) who's trying to get them to "impeach" Fury so he can become the new Director.

Loki's magic is bound, and he originally starts out wearing a metal collar. Towards the end of the fic, he manages to get it unbound by making Thor command him to be able to use his magic.

I think this was on A03 but I'm not sure, and I can't find any trace of this story. It was very long, complete, and probably loki/tony pairing? if any? I forget.
Tags: character: loki

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