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Clint isn't the only master archer in town.

Too tired to keep my eyes open for long but pain is keeping my awake, and my mind is wandering where it will.  So I have this question. Has anyone written a Avengers/Robin of Sherwood cross over.  The show I have in mind is the 1984-86 British TV production with Michael Praed and Robin of Loxley and Jason Connery as his successor Robert of Huntingdon.  (No other cinematic Robin compares to this show IMHO)  I'd love to see how Hawkeye fares against Robin, Nasir, or Robert.  Maybe a time travel tale, or a fever driven fantasy.  Judi Trott's Lady Marion wasn't just eye candy.  She was Loxley's wife, and an equel part of the team and she was just as badass, in her own way, as the Black Widow.  How would they get along, if they could meet?
Tags: character: clint barton, character: natasha romanov, genre: crossover/fusion

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