kdorian (kdorian) wrote in avengers_search,

NOCD fics: The Starks - Classism and snobbery

I am looking for fics where classism is an issue for one or more of the Starks. It doesn't matter whether it is someone snubbing one of them as NOCD (Not Our Class, Dear) for being 'New Money'; or a Stark disregarding someone because they are poor, or, working class; or an intermediary blocking access on the presumption that the person being contacted wouldn't want to talk to someone like that.

A case where someone NOCDs (NTCD?) themself, not trying to interact with the other person because they don't think they're good enough/important enough would also fit.

Mod: Are there enough searches that involve her to create a Maria Stark tag?
Tags: !tag requests, character: howard stark, character: tony stark

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