marlowe78 (marlowe78) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for "Take her for a spin" by certifiably (?)

Hey there.
It's been a while but I'm pretty damn sure I've read the story "Take her for a spin" on AO3 - definitely this year.
Now, I've come across it on but it seems to be lacking one chapter - I'm not sure if it does, though. I wanted to check back on AO3, but I cannot find it at all.

Was it deleted? If not, can someone please provide me a link?

The author on is called certifiably, but I'm not sure it's the same name on AO3 (since AO3 doesn't give me any results under that name)

Thank you all in advance :-)

Ok, it was never ever on AO3 and I've read it only on and it's not finished (but everyone should read it anyway, doesn't matter for the heart of the story). Here's a link

Sorry for being a bit dim and thanks.
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific)

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