WishingStar (a.k.a. magic_7_words) (magic_7_words) wrote in avengers_search,
WishingStar (a.k.a. magic_7_words)

Steve and Bucky come out

I'm looking for Steve/Bucky fics where it's dramatically revealed in some way that Steve and/or Bucky is LGBT. I've already read A Long Winter, United States vs. Barnes, Things SHIELD Never Told Captain America, Warm Welcome, and Brooklyn. But it's such a great premise, I feel like there must be at least a few more I'm missing.

If Steve and Bucky have been in a relationship since the '30s, that's fine. But if the present-day reveal is what finally prompts them to admit their feelings for each other, even better.

Bonus points if the media/general public is somehow involved.
Tags: pairing: steve/bucky, theme: sexuality

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