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FOUND: Irish Steve

Repost because my brother is an asshole that deleted it

Hello all now I have a challenge for you. This is a story that my sister told me about that we can not find no matter how much we look for it. She thinks that it is on AO3 but we could not find it there.

My sister told me about a short story where the avengers go to the bar on St. Patrick's Day. It was from Steve's perspective with him thinking about how weird it was that being Irish was now being celebrated. He was thinking about how his parents came over from Ireland and it was a big deal that his parents were Protestant and Catholic. Heck it was also really hard for them to get jobs.

Now here are some details that we are not sure about. Banner said something about how the Hulk would fit in with all the green. Also at the end, Steve says something in Irish to Tony which Tony could not understand but Tony still thought that it was cool.

I think that this is a really cool idea and I would just love to read it.

FOUND! by green_grrl it is While Everyone's Lost (The Battle Is Won) by jukeboxhound

I am also seriously impressed by my sister's memory! Thank you all!!!
Tags: character: steve rogers

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