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Bucky/WS's public intro as the new Avenger

This scene is very vague in my head so I don't know if it's part of a fanfic I read some time ago, or just an idea that came to me in the headspace between waking and sleeping when your head wants to sink back down, but your body's saying 'get up'.  So any story with this type of scene would be nice to read.  It's right after either a mission or a responce to a team member being attacked by the public or press.  Or it could be a press conference called then or later.  The team is introducing their newest member, the Winter Soldier -- yes, THAT Winter Soldier -- and no matter what he was maide to do in the past, he is a valued and trusted member of the team.  Questions and criticism follow; the team says get over it, yadda, yadda, yadda.  There may or may not be one or two other new members -- War Machine, Falcon.  Steve and Bucky may or may not come out as a couple; or may or may not even be a couple.  You get the picture.  Anything along those line would be appreciated.
Tags: character: bucky, pairing: steve/bucky, theme: media, theme: team!fic

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