bwolf_20011 (bwolf_20011) wrote in avengers_search,

Any fics where Tony does not take in a genius child?

I like finding stories of Tony adopting a kid or taking one in or looking after one for some particular reason, but the thing is they've always been kids who were exceptionally bright and/or on the genius level with Tony. It's an on the point way to get Tony and the kid to bond quickly cause they're alike here in their intelligence. Well, I was wondering if there were any fanfics where Tony takes in an average kid who is not a genius or super intelligent? Someone a bit different from Tony, but basically a kid that's not a little Tony in the smarts department. Surely there are some.
Hope you guys can help.
If the other Avengers are there in the story, it's cool.
I prefer non slash stories.
Tags: theme: tony (parent)

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