proudofthefish (proudofthefish) wrote in avengers_search,

Team search and Maria/ Steve Recs

A few months ago I posted a request as follows with out much luck:

I am looking for a specific story that is Post Avengers and a Team fic. I am pretty sure I read it on AO3. In this fic SHEILD in general blames Clint for events in Avengers. One part of the plot is that their is a member of the World Security Council that tries to get Clint killed because when he was a mercenary Clint killed his daughter. The team and Fury back Clint up. Any ideas?

I have continued to look when I can and I thought I was close a few times, but know luck.  Some new details.  Clint gets beat up by SHEILD Agents on the Helicarrier.  It is similar to the Vantage Point Series, which I highly recomend.  Sadly, neither of the series post Avengers fic is what I am looking for.

Secondly, I have a sudden craving for Steve/Maria.  I have read most if not all under the tag here, but I will read it again if you rec it.

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