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Searching for deleted Thorki fic "as the waves break" and others by same author

Hi everyone (first post here!), I'm looking for some deleted Thorki fics by black_nata. Specifically, "as the waves break" (which was originally called "Lightning Strikes (The Pages Keep On Turning)"), "Extinction", "Avalanche", and "Sinking" (not Thorki but a Loki fic).

They still have a few Thorki fics on AO3 and lj but seem to have removed most of them for some reason. I checked both places and their tumblr for why but didn't find anything. They added me on lj when I asked about "as the waves break" but didn't reply about it being taken down, so idk what to think and just thought I would try here and see if any other black_nata fans had saved anything they'd be willing to share? I loved the ideas they always came up with for twists on Thor and Loki's dynamic (lots of bottom!Thor, which is rare) and I was so sad to see most of their fic gone. :( Of all the fics I had read and saw recced, the four above are the ones Wayback doesn't have (I used this most recent tumblr masterlist and this older cached version of their ao3 works page to find them, so idek if that's even all of them).

Wayback does have most of "as the waves break" but is missing chapter 13 somehow, as well as chapter 2 of "Avalanche" (which is only two chapters!).

I checked the deleted tag and did a comm search too, afaik there's not a post for their fics yet. Any help is super appreciated, I have seriously scoured every resource (I'm so bummed I only had them bookmarked!). Thank you :)

eta: "as the waves break" found! thanks so much!
Tags: pairing: thor/loki, search: fic (deleted), search: fic (specific)

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