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Loki centric

I posted this about a month ago, but I just remembered something that may help.
In this fic Loki is Hela's parent and she is chosen to be the goddess of Hel and it's a big deal, like everyone in Asgard was jealous. Loki was able to go with her to Hel for her for some time so he could help her get acclimated to Hel. I remember Hel rode Slepnir to Hel. I hope this addition will help!

The original post is below:
I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember much. It was probably Loki/Thor or Loki/Tony, because that's primarily what I read, but honestly it could be any paring or even no paring. I only remember two scenes: Loki has a kid with Odin's brother (his uncle) who is the God of light or something like that. And for one scene they are in the woods together. The other scene I remember, Loki is at a feast with his kid and the father is there as family (of Odin, no one knows who the father of this kid is). For some reason the kids last name is mentioned and everyone realizes that this kid belongs to Loki and his uncle.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but I have so much faith in all of you. Thank you!!!
Tags: character: loki, genre: mpreg, pairing: any, search: fic (specific), theme: incest, verse: movies

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