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Dark Angel xover with Avengers

I got this idea stuck in my head the other night and I'm hoping that someone else with much better writing skills than I has maybe already explored this idea and written it.

There was a tv show called Dark Angel that featured transgenic humans that ran for two seasons back in 2000.  The 'subjects' had been pretty much created in a lab to be better, faster, smarter and stronger than normal humans (and having little need for sleep).  What if Howard Stark after not being able to recreate the Captain America Serum turned to other projects and invested in the Manticore program (what the military group (?) was called).  What if Tony had also been altered?  It would explain how he didn't kill himself when rebuilding the iron man suit (the footage from the movies showing him slamming into the ceiling, etc) and how he managed survive through the challenges he faced.

Has anyone seen anything like this out there? Or maybe is anyone interested in writing it?
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: modern!au

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