jmarks15 (jmarks15) wrote in avengers_search,

Phil Coulson fics and possesive!fic Recs

Hey guys :)

1. I was wondering if there were any fics where the avengers find out that Phil is still alive, because I'm such a sucker for him and his relationship with the Avengers. I'd also particularly love it if one of the Avengers were dating Phil before he supposedly 'died' and their reaction to finding out the truth. Any pairing goes :)

2. I'm also looking for fics where one character is really possessive over the other. I've read a few, but I was wondering how many others there were around that. Any pairing is fine, but I'm particularly looking for ships besides Stucky as that's what the majority of those types of fics seem to revolve around

Thank you!
Tags: character: phil coulson, pairing: any, search: fic (recs)

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