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Tony can't lie

Okay so I read this story a while ago and like an idiot did save it. So the basic plot is that during a fight with the Enchantress Tony has a spell cast o him that prevents him from being able lie (even in his thoughts I think). He doesn't tell anyone about except for Jarvis and tries to hide out in his workshop so no one finds out.
Up until this point Tony and Steve haven't gotten along, but as the story goes on the become friends. I remember that they went to a baseball game together and almost get into a fight. Eventually Steve find out about Tony not being able to lie and tells the rest of the team. I am pretty sure that Thor then brings Loki to undo the spell. Also I think the story ends Tony/Steve, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.
If anyone knows what story I'm talking about and can give me a link I would appreciate it.
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, pairing: tony/steve, theme: steve (protective)

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