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Tony lies to Steve about the arc reactor

Hey guys!
Looking for a fic where our favorite duo are at a gala or a party of some sort when Tony suddenly has to leave early due to his 'arc reactor' malfunctioning.
Steve helps him escape the even virtually unnoticed only for a car chase to occur~ all the while Tony is fading in the passenger seat and Steve grows increasingly worried.
Tony has Steve take him to some college student/nurse who works at a cvs and is apparently trusted enough to keep a spare arc reactor and be endowed with a major scholarship from Tony's mother's charity/foundation. Steve is equally relieve and pissed off to discover that it wasn't a problem with the arc reactor at all (because seriously, Tony giving a spare arc to a college student? C'mon.), rather, he was poisoned and hid it from Steve because he felt that Steve would take drastic measures that would involve NOT listening to Tony's instructions, thus endangering everyone else at the gala/party.
I literally could rewrite this fic, that's how immaculately clear it is in my head and I've looked for it for literally WEEKS now before conceding defeat.
The only thing I can't quite remember is whether it was Tony/Steve at the end...
I am a frustrated fan.
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort, search: fic (specific), theme: friendship, theme: steve (protective)

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